Dog Push Cat In Water

Funny Dog Push Cat Into The Water – Viral Studio
See how this funny dog pushes cat into the hot water bathtub

This Labrador Retriever loves to help cat to get into the tub. Not by life-guarding but by pushing the cat in!

As soon as cat goes to the edge of the tub, he’s right behind them to shove the cat in! It’s pretty obvious that dog gets a lot of joy out of this activity. He does a victory lap around the tub every time he dunks cat! See how this Funny Dog Push Cat Into The Water

I’m pretty sure this video is going to make you laugh out loud.. the way this dog pushes cat into the water is funny as well as amazing

Dog can put anyone in trouble and so did this dog. Cat did’t expected anything like this from his pet friend but this happened unexpectedly

Hope you all like this video of two funny pet friends playing around all the time

Dog Push Cat In Water

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