Babies VS Ice Cream Man Tricks

See these Funny Babies VS Ice Cream Man Tricks : This little fellow is going viral on the internet. In this video you will see a little boy enjoying ice cream vendor as he is teasing him for the ice cream . The boy is laughing out loud when the ice cream man repeats its action of not giving the ice cream to the boy and kept teasing him .

Why These Funny Babies VS Ice cream man tricks got Viral ?

The main reason for which the boy went viral is reaction , which for his age is very cute and adorable . Many people are offended from the Funny Babies VS Ice Cream Man Tricks. But at this age you hardly know the world . From Apne Celebrities , this is one of our favourite pick for the Viral Celebrities .

Babies VS Ice Cream Man Tricks

Why Do Ice Cream Vendors Perform Tricks ?

It is to draw attention. When he is clowning in this way (to the dismay of the victim who maybe just wished to get an ice cream and continue with his life), surrounding people start to stare and then it creates a snowball effect with more people pausing and watching and eventually, this increases the number of customers. It is thus basically a marketing strategy. Does it work? I assume so. Why? I have no idea.

Why he is dressed like this, why the fez and vest and mustache, is also a part of mystery. But the important thing is the tourists seems to enjoy it.

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