Why Cute Parrot Love To Kiss Her Sister All The Time

This Cute Parrot Love To Kiss : See this cute parrot kissing her sister all the times.. Most Cutest Parrot Ever.

This talking Indian Ringneck Parrot Love to talk all the time. Same as this cute parrot who love to kiss her sister all the time. Even sister is enjoying the way she talks. For hundreds of years, Indian Ringneck Parakeets have been renowned all over the world for their remarkable speaking abilities. With some boasting vocabularies of more than 500 words, it’s no wonder that these birds were once only available as pets to those in positions of nobility. In addition, religious leaders in India once thought the birds to be holy, as they observed the parakeets reciting religious scripture in the gardens outside of their monasteries. 

For some of you who have a parrot and want to train them, here are some points you may note.

You should be able to loosen the bird’s tongue if you try some of the following:

  • A good starting point is to talk as you put food or water into a cage. Start with a ‘Hello’-type greeting as you approach the cage or enclosure. Always say ‘goodbye’ (or similar) when you walk away from the bird or leave the room.
  • Repeat these stock phrases whenever you’re near the parrot. Parrots are very interested in sounds, and will listen and watch you as you speak.
  • Try to catch the parrot when he’s at his most receptive – first thing in the morning, or just before feeding time, for example – rather than when he’s distracted (i.e. tired, angry, busy with other birds, or in any way flustered).
  • Choose some simple words or phrases, and repeat them for at least two minutes, and no longer than five. Do this as many times as possible during the day.
  • Try to fit in several short teaching sessions over the course of each day.
Why this cute parrot love to kiss
  • If you say things like “I love food!” as you fill the trays, your parrot will link the sound to the action. If you’re lucky, he will start to say “I love food!” when you begin the bowl-replenishing process. Make the chosen sounds every time you carry out a certain action. It will take time – months – but, at the very least, it will build your bond with the parrot.
  • Naming vegetables and fruit is a good trick too. Hold out a piece of carrot, banana, or whatever, and say the word for it clearly. Over time, if he’s conducive to such training, the parrot will learn the word for each item of food. When you say ‘carrot’, he will know what you mean; and if he says the word, try to offer the food as a reward (without overdoing any single foodstuff – a clever parrot will soon learn that saying the magic word produces his favourite treat!)
  • Words said with feeling tend to stick. Unfortunately, this is why swear words and things like “Wow!” “Stop it!” and “Ouch!” tend to creep into a parrot’s vocabulary. This should not be taken as a cue to shout at your bird, but it is worth bearing in mind (as a note of caution as much as anything!)
  • Encourage the phrases you want by rewarding with treats and enthusiasm; and discourage undesirables by not responding, or by firing back a desirable word each time.

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