When Dad Eat In Front Of His Baby

When Dad Eat In Front Of His Baby!! Viral Studio. Watch this cute little baby is keeping an eye on his dad for what ever he is eating.. This videos made my day.

Well, All babies love to eat ice cream but some kids don’t. In This video you will see how this little one know that his dad is eating something as he can smell it but dad is a way more smarter than him. This Video of Dad Eat In Front Of His Baby is Super Cute

Click On The Video To See How Dad Eat In Front Of His Baby

Things You Must Know When Giving Baby Ice Cream

Forbidden foods are tastier. Proved time and again since the times of Adam and Eve, we long to eat something which we are told not to eat. Take an ice cream, for instance. How uncontrollable it is to avoid an ice cream from melting in our mouth!

When it is so tempting for a grown-up, can we blame our poor little one for wanting to eat it? So, when can babies eat ice cream? MomJunction answers this question, and also shares tips and recipes for introducing your baby to ice creams.

When Can Babies Have Ice Cream?

Babies can have ice cream after the age of 12 months, as it is a dairy product. Though it is made from whole milk and cream, pasteurized to remove bacteria, babies can still be sensitive to milk proteins and other ingredients.

One year is when the baby is usually exposed to other dairy products such as cheese, milk, butter, and hence you may include the ice cream too. However, according to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, discretionary foods and drinks such as ice cream and other ice confections need to be avoided for babies as they are poor sources of nutrients (1).

4 Reasons To Avoid Ice Cream For Babies Below One Year

The first 12 months are crucial for your baby as you introduce him to nutritious food, and build a taste for healthy foods. Therefore, it is too early to feed your baby with ice cream. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid ice cream during this time:

Dad Eat In Front Of His Baby

1. Preservatives

Almost all the ice creams in the market contain preservatives, fat, sugar, artificial ingredients, and food coloring. So it is worth a wait until your baby’s first birthday.

2. Whole milk

Ice cream is made using milk, and you should not introduce a baby to whole milk until he is one year old. Your baby could have sensitivity issues due to whole milk and cream.

3. Chance of bacterial build-up

There is a possibility of bacteria buildup in the ice cream, whether you buy it from the store or make it at home. Exposure to such bacteria could lead to infections due to your baby’s weak immune system. In severe cases, the infection may need urgent medical attention.

4. Digestion issues

The whole milk and other ingredients in the ice cream are hard for a baby to digest. The ice cream can lead to gas buildup and chronic pain in the stomach or colic issues.

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