Sanjay Dutt Friend Kamli Reacts to His Cancer Recovery

Paresh Ghelani, Sanjay Dutt Friend Kamli who inspired the character played by Vicky Kaushal in the Sanju biopic, is happy that Dutt has beaten cancer.

Paresh Ghelani posted on his verified Instagram account on Thursday: “Destiny’s child. Wishing you lifetime of healthiest journey.”
Ghelani, who in ‘Sanju’ was the inspiration behind Kaushal’s character Kamli, also shared a screenshot of Sanjay Dutt’s statement where the actor announced his cancer recovery.

“Dutt ‘s statement, which he posted on Wednesday, reads:” For my family and me, the last few weeks have been a very tough time. But as they say, God gives his strongest soldiers the hardest battles. And today, on the occasion of the birthday of my children, I am happy to come out of this battle victorious and be able to give them the best gift I can-the health and well-being of our family. Sanjay Dutt Friend Kamli is his best friend.

Sanjay Dutt Friend Kamli

“Without the unwavering trust and support of all of you, this would not have been possible. I am eternally grateful to my family, friends, and all the fans who stood by me during this tough time and were my source of strength. Thank you for the love, kindness, and endless blessings that you sent my way.”

“I am especially grateful to Dr. Sewanti and her team of Kokilaben Hospital doctors, nurses, and medical staff who have taken such good care of me in the last few weeks. Humbled and grateful,” Dutt concluded.

Ghelani had taken to Instagram to share a loving note for his friend after the news of Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with lung cancer broke the internet and said that the actor is prepared to move into the next phase of his life. He said, “Brother @duttsanjay. Just a few days ago, hard to imagine, we were talking about how we will enjoy the next phase of our lives and we were talking about how blessed we were to be able to ride, walk, jog, crawl, and enjoy the journey thus far; we are where we are. I still believe that we are blessed and I know that the journey forward would be as beautiful and as colorful as it has been. God has been kind.”

Dutt, who was hospitalized a couple of days earlier on August 11 because of breathing problems and chest discomfort, shared that he was taking a break for medical treatment.

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