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These precious gemstones mining is done by bunch of amazing people who love to research different things. Credit goes to all these creative human.


For ages now, humans have loved jewelry of all kinds. And jewelry items are incomplete without precious gemstones. With a wide range of gems available today, it becomes quite essential to know about them a little.

So, if you are also a jewelry fan and wish to get information about some of the most loved gemstones in the world, then keep reading!


Diamond, the love of almost every woman, is a beautiful, precious gemstone which is also the hardest natural substance in the world.
A symbol of beauty and feminism, this gem is considered auspicious for a blessed married life. Naturally, diamonds are formed at high temperature, around 140kilometers in the Earth’s mantle.
Volcanic eruptions bring them closer to earth’s surface. The main origins of Diamond are South Africa, Brazil, Borneo, India, Venezuela and Guyana, Australia, Congo, Angola Guinea, Sierra Leone, Russia.

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With an attractive six-point asterism or star, the Ruby gemstone is the preferred choice of many gem lovers across the world.
Available in beautiful pink-red tones, this stone represents love, passion, freedom, pride, and charity as well. Rubies need just the right temperature, pressure and the presence of aluminum oxide inside the earth’s crust to be formed naturally.
They also need low silicon content for their formation. Ruby mines are found in Sri Lanka, India,  Afghanistan, Tanzania, Pakistan, South Africa, Burma which is now Myanmar and Thailand.


A Sapphire is one of the most cherished gemstones, known for its mystical properties and gorgeous looks. You can find a sapphire in different colors ranging from the famous blue sapphire gemstone to green, violet, orange, yellow, pink, white, grey and mauve.
Just like diamonds, sapphires also have volcanic origins. With high heat and pressure, aluminum oxide compounds are crystallized and result into the mineral corundum after several years.
Sapphires are originally formed without any color, but the presence of minerals in the surroundings give the pure corundum a beautiful hue.
The best quality of sapphires is found in Kashmir (India) and Pakistan. Sapphires are also found in Burma, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Finnish, South India, Northwest Kenya and the USA etc.


Representing the Beryl family, the Emerald gemstone is quite a delicate gem. The presence of trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium, provide the beautiful green color to this gem.
Emeralds are formed in hydrothermal veins in the presence of beryllium. As these are sourced from coal mines, they usually have black spots.
The best quality Emerald gemstone is found in Muzo mine in Colombia. Emeralds also found in India, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Austria, South Africa, Pakistan, Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, and the USA.



The coral gemstone is an organic gem and is highly durable. Its intense red and orange hues, give it an exceptional look.
Formed in dark environments, coral stones grow miles below the sea level with low sedimentation. Mainly found in the Mediterranean Sea, its other sources include Atlantic and also off the coast of Southern Portugal.


Another beautiful red colored gemstone is Garnet. Though it is also available in other colors, the garnet gemstone is usually found in red color.
Formed under high pressure and temperature, garnets are commonly found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Garnet mainly found in Africa, Namibia, and Angola.

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