Inside Alia Bhatt’s Home, Mumbai

Stunning Photos That Take You Inside Alia Bhatt’s Mumbai Home | Bollywood Actress Expensive House

She is just about six years into her career and is already one of the most sought-after star in the business Sometimes most of us can’t even dream of owning our own house at the 25, Alia decided to do just that by moving out of her parents house and into her own pad with her sister Shaheen and her cat Edward.

So what does Alia Bhatt’s house look like? Good for you, we stalked her Instagram so you don’t have to keep wondering:
Muted lights and accessories with cute wordplay make the perfect Instagram setting for when friends and family come over. The exposed brick walls in white lend that young urban touch.

Alia’s home is not what you would expect from a Bollywood star. No elaborate chandeliers or fluffy rugs for her. Instead notice the comfy couches in neutral tones that envelope you in, and the expansive windows that ensure plenty of natural sunlight.
Doesn’t Alia’s home look like the perfect place to put your feet up and chill?

“Moving out of my house was a very very special experience because it was the first time I was moving away from my home and into my own house…Initially I was gonna move in alone then I decided to take my sister along with me and she was more than happy. She decided to live part time with me and part time with my mom” Alia says in the video.

Their living room is lit with glass pendant lamps, flushed with a yellow glow. The window is surrounded by trees with a white and blue couch underneath. There is a wooden bookshelf in a corner which Alia and her sister have decorated with knick-knacks. There is also a wooden cabinet that holds all their glassware.

Inside Alia Bhatt’s Home

Inside Alia Bhatt’s Mumbai Home

The kitchen has a backsplash of white tiles and mint green cabinets. The stove is built-in with a stainless steel chimney on top. A part of the video shows Alia and her friends organising the kitchen together. Check out more pics of her home:

Alia said that she keeps changing her home’s decor from time to time and is now in the process of moving into her new office. She has started a production company called Eternal Sunshine Productions.


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