Chicken Follow Granny During Navaratri

Watch This Funny Chicken Follow Granny During Navaratri -Viral Studio
This funny chicken following grandma made my day..

This granny love to cook and eat chicken but during the time of Navaratri, when the chickens or non-veg is not allowed to eat, this chicken is following granny back home because he know that it’s the best time to tease..

Viral Video during Navaratri Pooja in India, Funny Chicken Follow Granny During Navaratri

It is believed that during these 9 days, Goddess Durga descends from the heavens above and takes shelter amongst her devotees to bless them with strength, power and prosperity. During the Navratri fasts, people follow a strict vegetarian diet and refrain from consuming certain foods like cereals, grains, non-vegetarian food, regular salt and alcohol.

They prepare their daily meals with vrat ingredients like Singhara atta, buckwheat flour, sabudana, fresh fruits, sendha namak and samak ke chaawal. If you happen to observe these ritualistic fasts, or know someone who is keeping them, you may know of the practice of not including onions and garlic in the special Vrat ka Khana or fasting meal. In fact, people who do not observe these fasts also refrain from consuming onion, garlic, non-vegetarian food and alcohol during the nine days of Navratri.

Chicken Follow Granny During Navaratri

While in Bengalis fish is a part of the bhog that is offered to Maa Durga (except in Ashtami), most traditional families belonging to the north of India refrain from eating non-vegetarian food and eggs during Navratri.

This is because these food items are not a part of the Satvik diet which is what most Indians follow during the nine days. The Satvik diet aims to detox the body and cleanse the soul which is why it is recommended during Navratri.

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